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The Elements of Flyball
Well of course you need a dog.  Then you need 4-5 other crazy friends willing to drive cross country, sleep in cheap hotels and wear endless layers of dog fur - all in the name of fun.

Some of the chief components of flyball are;
1. The HEIGHT DOG.  The Height Dog is the shortest dog on the team who sets the height for all of the jumps.  Height Dogs come in many shapes and colors and are always in demand.
Winston           Pita                Ace
2. Then you need a BOX LOADER.  This is an unsuspecting friend who you con into playing the game with you by saying "but all you have to do is put the round ball in the little round hole".  The Box Loader is a crucial part of any flyball team and are often refered to by other names, such as Goddess or God.  Essentially the Box Loader stands "on" the box refilling tennis balls in a specific stratigical order, while ball incensed dogs slam into the box, releasing flying globs of slobber only to turn and run away.  The Box Loader may call the dog by name or other child friendly term, but may not help the dog take the ball in anyway.  Box Loaders can be spotted in the general public by the backwards bend in their knees - caused by hard hitting border collies, and the insatiable need to wear a nail pouch filled with tennis balls.  Very few good pictures exist of the box loader as we are always taking pictures of "just" the dogs.
Kathy             Don
3. Another critical element of flyball is the release.  The release is caused when the handler sets free     the dog so that      it may pursue it's manic run for the ball.  There is no right or wrong release -  dog and handler must work closely together to obtain just the right fit in order to reach maxiumum speed and efficiency.
donnawinston     Donnapita       janetgypsy       lindajet
4. The BOX TURN is perhaps the most important element of all in the flyball race.  Precious seconds are won or lost at the speed of the turn and the accuracy of the dog in catching the lob of the ball.  A bumbled ball here can lose the race.
gypsoybox   beezerbox   kyliebox
5. Finally - in order to paticipate in flyball, one must have a keen sence of humour and the ability to not take life too seriously.

Win or lose, it's about good friends, good dogs, and good sportsmanship.
thebar        DJhat